Supporting learning mobility in sport and physical activity



Supporting learning mobility in sport and physical activity

The demand and interest for learning mobility in the sector is very high but it has lain dormant partly because awareness levels have been low and the sector has lacked the organisation and capacity.

Several initiatives focusing on the important topic of learning mobility have been implemented and supported by EOSE such as the T2MIS (Ticket to Mobility in Sport) project funded under Erasmus+ Sport Chapter.

This transnational project gathered a partnership who worked together to propose an adapted online solution to tackle the identified barriers and create conditions to make learning mobility a reality in sport and physical activity.

The innovative online platform launched through T2MIS should be seen as a first step with the ambition to:

  • Highlight benefits and added value of learning mobility for individuals, organisations and the whole sector;
  • Present existing opportunities for the sport sector and provide detailed information such as criteria of eligibility, available funding, duration, and priorities;
  • Provide access to good practices, testimonials and videos.

We invite you to visit the online platform and share your views!

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