POINTS project: Towards the educational programme on sport integrity



POINTS project: Towards the educational programme on sport integrity

On the 17th and 18th of October 2018, the EOC EU Office hosted the fourth meeting of the POINTS project funded under the Erasmus+ programme and focusing on the concept of “Single Points of Contact for Sports Integrity”.

Coordinated by the EOC EU Office, the meeting organised in Brussels (Belgium) gathered 14project’s partners including EOSE represented by its Executive Director, Aurélien Favre.

In the last meeting in July 2018, the guidelines for the setting up of Single Points of Contact for Integrity in Sport Organisations (SPOCS) were finalised and the basic structure of the educational seminars discussed and confirmed.

It was therefore the objective of the meeting in Brussels to go a step forward to share ideas and agree the content for the educational programme and the specific objectives and format for each of the next training seminars.

A total of three seminars will be organised in the first part of the year 2019 respectively on the topics of competition manipulation, on the topic of good governance and a final session on the practical role of the Single Points of Contact on Sport Integrity.

The whole partnership actively contributed to the development of the content and elements for the future training programme and seminars that will be arranged in 2019.

EOSE is really pleased to be involved in such an ambitious and challenging project and look forward to the implementation of the next steps of the work programme.

Further information about the project: http://www.points-project.com

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