EU partners to explore innovative ways to enhance Good Goverance through e-learning

EU partners to explore innovative ways to enhance Good Goverance through e-learning

The inaugural meeting of the “Good Governance Enhancement through e-Learning for Sport Volunteer Board Members” (GReFORM) Erasmus+ project was hosted by UCLan Cyprus in Larnaca on 14-15 February 2018.

The project coordinator is Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO), while the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Alliances and Research (CEDAR) of UCLan Cyprus has a leading role in the implementation of the program with four academics. The project involves 11 partners from seven EU Member States (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Cyprus). The consortium of project partners includes national and European sports organizations as well as academic institutions – including EOSE, which was represented at the Kick-Off meeting by its President, Mr Thierry Zintz. They are bringing in diverse expertise, and knowledge and are expected to contribute positively to the main thematic areas and objectives of the project, i.e. Sports, Good Governance, Academia, Information Technology, e-learning and education. The kick-off meeting confirmed that they all share the same belief that there is an increasing demand in providing accessible education on Good Governance in Sport that will boost and add value to the governance skills of volunteer Board Members and will eventually lead to the effective implementation of good governance principles in sport organisations at all levels.

GReForm is a transnational project aiming to increase the capabilities of volunteer Board Members in sport organisations by providing online education on good governance in sport (a certificate of successful completion will be provided). The establishment of an online learning portal will allow volunteer Board Members of sports organisations – in their own time, and at no cost – to follow a series of educational courses explaining Good Governance at various levels. In line with the relevant European policies and co-funded programmes in the field of sport, the project aims to create an academic online platform providing informal education taking into account the limited time availability of Volunteer Board Members. The identification, collection and sharing of good practices in the field of good governance in sport and the publication of the relevant e-book will be a useful tool for the sport organisations in implementing the good governance principles, e.g. Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Democracy, Participation and Inclusivity.

At the press conference that followed the inaugural meeting, the Assistant Professor at UCLan Cyprus, Co-Director of CEDAR, and Research Coordinator of the program in question, Dr. Christos Anagnostopoulos, said that “those who govern our high profile sport organisations have been the subject of much media scrutiny, thereby rendering good governance as one of the greatest challenges in modern sport; the prime aim of this program is towards capacity building (via educational means) within the Boards so these volunteers practically respond to such a challenge”.

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The GreFORM project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnerships in Sport programme. A new webpage for the project will be launched soon.




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