Valuable resources for the sector announced at the S2A Sport final conference

Valuable resources for the sector announced at the S2A Sport final conference

40 participants representing 20 countries gathered on the 29th November 2017 in Lyon (France) on the invitation of the S2A-Sport partnership in order to discuss the future of sport administration in Europe.

Funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+, S2A Sport is a 30 months project which will end on the 28th February 2018.

As the project is coming to an end in the next 3 months, the idea was to present and test some of the main outcomes and ideas in order to further ensure the sustainability of the product created.

Thierry Zintz, opened up the conference as EOSE President and warmly welcomed all the participants including two special guests, Marion Lacroix, from the French National Olympic Academy, and Maria Lourdes Gonzalez, from Deutscher TurnerBund, who were invited to provide their feedback as regard the Pilot Training that took place in Finland from 3rd to 9th of September 2017.

Then Aurélien Favre, EOSE Executive Director, provided all the participants with a snapshot of the project journey, including the rationale, timeline and partnership. Ben Gittus, EOSE Director of Standards, then introduced the 7 Step Model to the audience which served as pattern through the project to provide an interactive mapping of the skills and occupations in sport administration. The results were tested live at the conference as the 40 participants were asked to cross match the Occupational Standard with the 5 key areas identified by the partnership as part of the project.

Kirstie Simpson, from the University of Chester, then explained how all this mapping work was translated into a user friendly training manual to help sport organisations develop their team as all learning outcomes relate to the standards. Hopefully this will proved to be a major outcome and valuable resource for the sector.

The key part of the Conference was in fact to assess the interest of the major outcomes developed and to work with the participants towards a sustainable path for the training programme. Interestingly the feedback from the European Training Pilot was very positive and some very interesting and priceless feedback were provided by the host as well as the course director and a lecturer, not to forget the main target: the trainees. Kirstie reminded the audience that the Pilot programme was meant to turn emerging leaders into reflective practitioners so that they would get out of the classroom and have internal self-refection.

The project partners then take advantage of the diversity of the audience to invite them to work in group in order to think about the implementation and sustainability of the training programme and other outcomes after the completion of the S2A Sport project. It was very motivating to observe the level of interest and engagement of all participants and to hear their priceless input and ideas. In particular key stakeholders were mentioned and project partners were invited to think outside the box and outside the strict sport sector to bring in additional value and potential revenue. Furthermore it was also suggested that some mentoring approach could be integrated into the final product and that a quality label should be delivered to operational lecturers in order to ensure consistency in the delivery of the training. As for the use of other outcomes, it was suggested that the standards could probably be used by employers as a basis for job description and this should be encouraged.

Based on the feedback collated, the project final outcomes will be polished and amended in the coming weeks and be made publicly available by the end of the project. It is also planned that the project partners will meet for a final meeting in January 2018 in order to finalise the S2A Sport sustainability plan.


 Should you want to know more about the S2A-Sport project, visit the project website: 

S2A-Sport partnership is made of 12 partners: the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE), the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), the National Sports Academy (NSA), the International Sport And Culture Association (ISCA), the Sport Institute Of Finland (SIF), the European Federation For Company Sport (EFCS), the University Of Cassino And Southern Lazio (UNICAS), the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), Werkgevers In De Sport (WOS), the University Of Chester, EOSE Services, Tennis Europe

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