Together celebrating a journey of 15 years

Together celebrating a journey of 15 years

On the 27th of November, EOSE members, old and new ones, were invited to join EOSE staff in Lyon (France), the city where EOSE was founded, to kick-start a year of celebration as EOSE is turning 15 years old!

Gathering 34 participants from 20 countries, the event was an opportunity to nurture the relationship between EOSE members while looking together at past achievements, the journey so far and most importantly building upon this legacy to envision a brighter future both for the organisation and the sector.

EOSE’s 15th anniversary was certainly one worthy of extra attention and celebration. Therefore not only were members invited to take part in the 15th General Assembly, they also took part in a very special Members Seminar during which the anniversary logo was revealed.

To open the event, a special tribute to former and current presidents and board members was provided by our Executive Director, Mr Aurélien Favre who has himself served the organisation since its creation.


Participants were also fortunate to hear the EOSE journey through the lens of the memories and testimonials of Jean Camy, Stephen Studd and Thierry Zintz Zintz – the past and present Presidents of EOSE. They were given a special gift to thank them for their priceless commitment and outstanding contribution in shaping the organisation.

Mr Camy reminded the audience of the roots of EOSE which at first was a network of organisations willing to take common initiative to share good practice and knowledge in order to define a new way to align education and training with the needs of the labour market.  He also gave a special remembrance and tribute to the late Mr Alberto Madella’s creative mind which paved the way for the development of the Lifelong Learning Strategy for Sport. Mr Studd then illustrated the shift during his Presidency (2006-2012) from a philosophical leadership to a more pragmatic approach with the aim to ensure people at national level understood the purpose and benefits to be part of a European network organisation. He highlighted that progress could not have been achieved without the fusion of policies, partnerships and projects. Current President, Mr Zintz, then took the lead and expressed his own gratitude to the members who had consistently offered him support since EOSE 10th Anniversary. He mentioned the EOSE’s book as a milestone of his Presidency demonstrating what can be achieved through collective effort.

The formal General Assembly was an opportunity to reflect on the past but also to look to the future with a new team to be elected. Vilma Cingiene, Secretary General and Jean-LouisGouju, Treasurer, together with the help of EOSE staff, Carole Ponchon and Aurélien Favre, indeed provided the formal activities and financial reports, focusing on the well-being of the organisation and yet some challenges due to its own DNA. This was the occasion to present the outlines of the most visible accomplishments of EOSE in the past year.

The official part of the event concluded with the formal election of new board members. For the second time in EOSE history, the organisation had a contested election, a sign of strength for the organisation and of the relevance of its agenda as well as an obvious support to the directions taken by EOSE. Thierry Zintz, from Belgium, has been re-elected and two new members, Abel Santos from Portugal and Simone Digennaro from Italy joined the Executive Board for a 2 year mandate. Together with Mairit Pellinen from Finland and Vilma Cingiene from Lithuania who were re-elected in 2016, they will meet on 20 December 2017 in Brussels and allocate among themselves the required positions within the Board. A warm thank you message was given to Jean-Louis Gouju (France) and Nicos Kartakoullis ( Cyprus) for their involvement and contribution to the EOSE Executive Board in the last years.

Participants then had a chance to get to know each other better and look into EOSE future thanks to a specific workshop using the Lego Serious Play method and led by Carole. The strength of EOSE has always relied on the involvement, expertise and goodwill of its members. This is our invaluable richness and the aim of our member seminar was to provide them more support to unlock their potential as agents of change. The interactive team building game was therefore an occasion to breathe new life into ongoing topics and provide new perspectives to the work carried out by the network of partners and members.

As the formal event was closed, all participants were invited to join for a cocktail and anniversary dinner in the French capital of gastronomy. Surely enough, informal discussions went on during the evening and some seeds for new cooperation were planted before returning the next day for discussion on detailed project actions.




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