Day 2 of S2A-Sport European Training Programme emphasised the crucial role of people

Day 2 of S2A-Sport European Training Programme emphasised the crucial role of people

Day 2 of S2ASport European Training Programme started with some informal wake-up activities gathering together participants, lecturers and organisers and setting the tone of the day. All of them enjoyed the great atmosphere of the campus while biking or running in the nature around Vierumaki Golf Course.

To cheer up the group and get them in a good and appropriate mood for the day, the official training part started with a quick video collating the best moments of Day 1 and showcasing the trust and cooperation spirit that could be felt in the group.

In order for the participants to navigate through the S2A-Sport journey, Kirstie Simpson, Programme director, then highlighted the key points from day 1, in particular the crucial role of specific and clear communication, ability and willingness to learn as well as be self-reflective and last but not least the need to analyse one’s environment and map their route.

Marieke Audenaerde from WOS (Dutch Sport Employers) and Stephen Robson from Leeds Beckett University then took the lead as keynote speakers for the day which has seen the group covering the vital subject of understanding and developing people. Indeed it is individuals who bring strategy alive and ensure the organisation vision is met. There are many factors that contribute to effective teamwork such as leadership, followership and team building.

Through interactive team exercises, participants have reflected upon their role within a team, working together to identifies the talents among them and use them at best. They were reminded how crucial it is to always have a clear focus and set a comprehensive goal, hence knowing what they want to achieve and the role of each other in the process of getting together all the jigsaw as well as individuals’ objectives. They did great in turning into reality the famous saying from Aristotle “the whole is greater than the sum of its part”.


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