Do you want a ticket to learning mobility in sport?

Do you want a ticket to learning mobility in sport?

EOSE, together with three partners from Malta, Lithuania and the Netherlands, is delighted to announce an initiative to encourage and create the conditions for the sport and physical activity sector to take part in learning mobility activities. The new EU funded project entitled T2MIS – Ticket to Mobility in Sport – will design and deliver the first online European Mobility Tool for the sport sector.

“The practices has showed that immense benefits could be reached if the sector adopts a culture of Learning Mobility. Participants, as well as host and sending organisations often describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience building upon cultural and practical learning outcomes. ”

From the findings of the Feasibility Study on learning mobility in sport (conducted in 2013 by EOSE) there is a strong evidence and statement that:

- Sport organisations appreciate the benefits that would flow to the sector from an enhanced level of mobility and exchange.
- Yet on the over side sport is suffering from a lack of awareness of the opportunities offered by the EU funded programmes as well as other available opportunities (e.g. national, regional and local levels) and the sector has only participated at a low level in the EU funded programmes (from previous Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013) designed to make learning mobility a reality.
The demand from the sport sector has therefore lain dormant partly because awareness levels of the opportunities offered by the EU funded programmes has been low and partly because sport has lacked the organisation and capacity to engage.

Previously the sector has lacked the organisation and leadership to adopt a culture of learning mobility, T2MIS aims to address this gap.



Funded under the European Commission Erasmus+ Sport Chapter, T2MIS is an 18 month project which started in January 2017. The 4 official partners, including the applicant EOSE, are representing various fragments of the overall sport sector: representative of sport employers (WOS, NL), a Higher Education Training Provider (MRU, LT), a national sport council (SportMalta) and an EU umbrella sport organisation specialised in education and employment (EOSE).
The kick-off meeting which took place on the 11th of April 2017 showed that these organisations are bound together by a shared vision, interest and expertise in developing and/or supporting learning mobility scheme.

Learning mobility occurs when an individual “moves to a country other than their country of residence, in order to undertake study, training or other learning. The objective of such experiences is to allow individuals to acquire new skills that will strengthen their future employability as well as their personal development.”
Learning Mobility can take many forms:
- Job-shadowing
- A programme of study
- A placement
- An apprenticeship
- Voluntary activity
- …


T2MIS will deliver an online European Mobility Tool for the sport sector. The tool will aim at simplifying and clarifying the presentation of existing Learning Mobility funded opportunities and to raise the level of awareness of such opportunities within the sport sector.
The T2MIS is a first step in a wider strategy whose overall objective is to create the conditions to support sport in accessing and implementing an enhanced level of quality learning mobility.
This innovative tool that will be designed should provide a common entry point and a straight forward platform:
- To highlight the benefits of learning mobility for individuals and organisations,
- To differentiate and present all existing opportunities for the sport sector and provide information regarding criteria of eligibility, objectives and priorities (to guide interested organisations / potential candidates to find information about the most relevant sub-programs/actions/opportunities adapted to their profile, willingness, and expectations)
- To provide quick access to some good practices and key documents.

globe T2MIS


Following a deep desk research for funding opportunities and good practices, the European Mobility Tool for the sport sector will be designed and tested through national consultation and we expect the final launch to take place in May 2018.
Meanwhile we want to hear from you! If you are willing to share any good practices or testimonials as regard Learning Mobility in the sector please get in touch with us!

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