Paving the way together: ESSA Launch and EASE Annual GA & Members Seminar 2016

Paving the way together: ESSA Launch and EASE Annual GA & Members Seminar 2016

On the 21st of November 2016, EOSE members went back to Rio Maior (Portugal), for a very special 3 days event including EOSE Annual Member Seminar and General Assembly hosted by our member, the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior. This venue is part of the history of EOSE. Indeed, 10 years ago (March 2006) EOSE organised its General Assembly and Annual Seminar in Rio Maior during which Stephen Studd was first elected as President of EOSE, taking over EOSE sorely missed friend and co-founder Alberto Madella.


On the occasion of the welcoming cocktail drink, EOSE President, Thierry Zintz, invited the participants to celebrate the history of EOSE and pay a tribute to those who have shaped it. He also encouraged us to look upward and forward while launching together with the recognised EU social partners and the national partner the new and promising project: ESSA-Sport, the European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity.

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Inspired by the well-known Portuguese rich and welcoming culture and gathering 40 participants from 20 different EU countries, the 2016 EOSE Annual Member Seminar and General Assembly clearly set the stage for a new phase of development not only for EOSE and its network of members and partners but also for the whole sector.


Indeed, on the 21st of November, EOSE together with Uni-Europa and EASE –who are leading the project- officially launched the ESSA-Sport project together with the national partners.

Funded under the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2, the project aims at delivering the first ever EU wide Employment and Skills Map in sport and physical activity. It builds upon an integrated a network of 18 national partner organisations acting as researchers and coordinators and 7 EU Networks (Full and Associate Partners) acting as expert advisers to reach and involve the whole fragmented sector in building together a Sector Skills Alliance. ESSA-Sport is a process of research and consultation designed to create a Strategic Action Plan as a basis for on-going collaboration to improve the supply of skills to the sport and physical activity sector including fitness and the outdoors. Therefore, the project aims to involve, consult representatives of all the key stakeholders in the sector at all levels, which itself is complex and fragmented in structure. The final goal is to provide the basis for a coordinated approach to analysing the changing labour market and developing solutions to re-skill the workforce with modern, fit for purpose training and qualifications.

It was crucial for the partnership and the project to get the support of CEDEFOP and the presentation of the Skills Panorama made by Mrs Stelina Chatzichristou, Expert from the Department for Skills and Labour Market, provided solid roots for the work to be carried out. She put emphasis on the meaning of “skills” which are not anymore just about qualification as “soft”, “digital”, “green” skills are mostly outside the classroom. She explained that the Skills Panorama allows to discuss “skills intelligence”: understanding what the skills needs are and will need to be with the objective to provide an informed basis for targeted skills investments (balance between supply and demand); She ended up mentioning that Cedefop is closely following the work led by EOSE and its partners and that the ESSA-Sport project is setting a new stage for the whole sector.

“It was an excellent opportunity for Cedefop to share our work with partners of a sectoral skills alliance and learn more about the sports sector.”

ESSA-Sport national partners were introduced about the project application and main expected outcomes and then had the chance to discuss in group their expectations, the main barriers they foresee as well as the method to conduct the desk research and consultation.


After a long and fruitful day of work, participants got the chance to refresh their mind and body while visiting the beautiful fortified city of Obidos. Within the city walls, they forged new relationships and were inspired to collaborate to set new milestones for the sector.

On the 22nd of November, took place the EOSE official General Assembly which allowed the Executive Board and the Secretariat to report about EOSE activity and finance to the whole membership. The impressive Work Programme and new initiatives delivered in 2015 and 2016 (have a look at the video) could not have been successful without the strong involvement and support of EOSE members and they were thus warmly thanked by the Secretariat for their dedication and commitment to EOSE. It was then time for the board election. Two posts were opened to candidates for election at the GA 2016. The two candidates who submitted their candidature via the official process, Mairit Pellinen and Vilma Cingiene, confirmed their willingness to pursue their role and shortly present their vision for the 2 years to come. Their candidatures were then proposed to the General Assembly and were unanimously approved through a vote by show of hands. They will serve a two year term till the General Assembly 2018.

The Membership seminar then provided opportunity for the members to get special information as regard the latest EU policies and initiatives and in particular the New Skills Agenda. Time was also allocated to hear about the members’ projects and initiatives and to exchange together regarding future priorities and collaborative projects. Through these exchanges, EOSE members provided the direction for EOSE’s future.

It was very encouraging to see the network growing with new faces joining the EOSE family on the occasion of the event and we are looking forward to collaborating with all of you to successfully manage the challenging and exciting transition year ahead!


See EOSE 2015/2016 Activity Report

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