2014 Members Seminar & GA: New perspectives

2014 Members Seminar & GA: New perspectives

2014 had marked a turning point for the sport and active leisure sector in Europe with the entry into force of the new Erasmus+ programme 2014-2020 including the long awaited Sport Chapter but also with the Parliamentary election and the Commission renewal and therefore EOSE 2014 Member Seminar and General Assembly had been even more crucial than it used to be for our organsiation.

Organised on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of November 2014 in Madrid, the event was hosted by the FNEID, EOSE Spanish member, in the premises of the CEOE (Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales) headquarters. The attendance was restricted to EOSE official Members only except for two special guests from Spain (INCUAL – Instituto Nacional de Cualificaciones) and Poland (Instytut Sportu) and it was very encouraging to notice a very high level of commitment and participation. As usual with this Annual event, our wish had been to create a focus/momentum at the national level for the host organisation, which happened through the guest participation of Mr Paulino Martin Seco, director of INCAL (Instituto Nacional de Cualificaciones).

While the formal General Assembly had been an opportunity to report to the members about activities, projects, developments and finance in a view to ensure transparency and enhance EOSE’s capacity and effectiveness in its role as a lead expert organisation supporting the dissemination/implementation of EU education and employment policy initiatives in the sector, the Members Seminar had been an opportunity to explore future pathways and build expertise and capacity of EOSE members on EU policy, funded opportunities and the potential area of implementation of the 7 Step Model.
At this stage of our development and in anticipation to our upcoming Work Plan, it was crucial to collectively raise the following issues:
- Clarify the mission, vision and main priorities for EOSE;
- Discuss the main achievements and activities of the year;
- Introduce new opportunities (e.g. European Sector Skills Council, Learning Mobility);
- Review potential developments and future activities/projects’ opportunities;
- Discuss concrete opportunities to submit transnational projects under the new Erasmus+ Programme and explore existing funding;
- Exchange on members’ expectations.


The strength of EOSE has always relied on the involvement, expertise and good willingness of its members. This is our more invaluable richness and the aim of our member seminar was to provide them more support to unlock their potential as AGENTS OF CHANGE by focusing on:

- Developing/reinforcing the spirit of cooperation;
- Enhancing their level of expertise on EU policies / 7 Step Model;
- Encouraging them to act as ambassador;
- Training them on funding opportunities.

Indeed the programme of the seminar was built to present EU policies and funding opportunities as well as to provide all members with key insight on the methodology to be used to develop and write a high quality application for a transnational project.

Interestingly EOSE had been described by members on the occasion of brainstorming discussion as a facilitator for knowledge transfer and a capacity builder and it was taken by the Secretariat as a priceless recognition of the work carried on and a strong encouragement to keep on being innovative in bringing information and advice relevant to the membership.



However the event provided also much room for bottom-up approach by encouraging a maximum of interactivity and exchange between the participants so that the Secretariat could collate opinions and suggestions on the latest achievements and strategic development of EOSE and also to assess where we are and where we want to go to strengthen and sustain the activity of the organisation.
Members especially carried out the message that being part of EOSE opens doors and gives/adds credibility to their activities especially thanks to the continuity in the strategy followed and the activities carried out.



Another milestones of EOSE 2014 GA was the Board election. For the first time in EOSE history, the organisation had a contested election for the EOSE Board. We strongly believe that this had been a sign of strength for the organisation and of the relevance of its agenda at the moment as well as an obvious support to the directions taken by EOSE.

Gino Schiavone, from Malta, has been re-elected and two new members, Mairit Pellinen from Finland and Vilma Cingiene from Lithuania joined the Executive Board for a 2 years mandate. Both of them provided us with some thoughts on their new position

“I work as international coordinator for the big sport campus and leisure centre in Finland. I have been lucky to be involved in international networks and different EU-projects since 1997.  As a new member of EOSE Executive Board it is a great honour for me to share my experience and work for the common goals together with my fellow board members and I really would like to concentrate on internship and mobility project!  I am highly committed to starting this work and very thankful for the support I have received”  ~ Mairit Pellinen

“To be elected to an EOSE Board position is an honour, recognition and personal responsibility. Current changes in the world of sport imply the necessary connection between studies and research, business and policy making. Sharing and bridging the gaps through mutual trust is a great challenge while dealing with sport employment issues in Europe.” ~ Vilma Cingiene

Their election has been warmly welcomed by all participants and Thierry Zintz highlighted in few words the general feeling that was to be felt in the room. “As a president I consider the arrival of two new members in our board as a major enrichment for EOSE. Modern organisations need plurality of thinking in their board. Having Vilma and Mairit joining is also improving the cultural balance in the board since they come from the North and the Centre of Europe. Finally with 2 elected women and 3 elected men we seek to respect another major good governance rule namely gender equity in the board.

EOSE Executive Board 2014

This is our chance to pay a tribute to Stephen Studd, whose position as Executive Board Member in the capacity of Past President has come to an end (2 years), and Elena Malikova, who had to step down of her position as Executive Board Member due to the workload linked to the Slovak EU Presidency of the EU (1st Semester 2016), for their contribution to EOSE’s work over the past years.

EOSE has now been working for the last 10 years in the field and we strongly believe that the worlds of education and employment in sport should work together towards the development of the sector to ensure qualifications and training are fit for purpose and to create the conditions for the ensuring a competent workforce (both paid-staff and volunteers) with the right skills.
EOSE 2014 Member Seminar and General Assembly obviously laid out sound foundations to keep on working in continuity while as well feeding the wind of change and we are looking forward to sustaining and strengthening the cooperation with all of you to further tackle the education and employment challenges of the sector and to pursue our vision of a sport and active leisure sector playing its full potential in the economic, health and social development of Europe and Member States.

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