The special role of the General Assembly and Members Seminar

The special role of the General Assembly and Members Seminar

Dear friends of sport,
It was a great pleasure to welcome all EOSE members at our Annual Seminar and General Assembly organised in Rome on 30th of October 2013, an event hosted by the House of the Italian Sport Federations.
As Executive Director of EOSE, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all EOSE members for their active contribution to the event which gave the opportunity to present the latest EU Policy developments and our achievements, and to collate concrete expectations and suggestions from members regarding the development of EOSE and helping to set our priorities for future projects and activities.


Another milestones of EOSE 2013 GA was the Board election. We were delighted to see that Thierry Zintz and Jean-Louis Gouju were re-elected for a new mandate of 2 years.
This is indeed a confirmation of the shift taken a year ago with the extension of the Executive Board through the involvement of two new members as well as an obvious support to the directions taken by EOSE. It obviously lay out sound foundations to keep on working in continuity.
It is my chance now to let you know the structure of the Board as decided by the elected Board Members after their election at the GA 2013:

  • PRESIDENT – Thierry Zintz
  • SECRETARY GENERAL – Gino Schiavone
  • TREASURER – Jean-Louis Gouju
  • BOARD MEMBER – Elena Malikova
  • PAST PRESIDENT – Stephen Studd

EOSE has now been working for the last 10 years in the field and we strongly believe that the worlds of education and employment in sport should work together towards the development of the sector to ensure qualifications and training are fit for purpose and to create the conditions for the ensuring a competent workforce (both paid-staff and volunteers) with the right skills.
We are looking forward to sustaining and strengthening the cooperation with all of you to further tackle the education and employment challenges of the sector and to pursue our vision of a sport and active leisure sector playing its full potential in the economic, health and social development of Europe and Member States.
The new Erasmus+ program (2014-2020) will hopefully open and offer some new opportunities in that direction.
Look forward to working with you.

Aurélien Favre


Aurelien Favre

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