Thierry Zintz elected as New President of EOSE

Thierry Zintz elected as New President of EOSE

The ordinary EOSE General Assembly 2012 included the election of the EOSE Executive Board which saw Stephen Studd stand down as President of the organisation after 6 years in the role. Although Stephen’s work with EOSE is far from over, his involvement with the EOSE Board will continue in the capacity of Past President. All associated with EOSE would like to pay thanks to his significant role in the development of the organisation.

Stephen Studd: “After 6 years, my term of office as President of EOSE has come to an end. I have enjoyed my role and the opportunity it has given me to work with some very experienced and expert colleagues on the Board of EOSE and among the membership. We can be proud of the work we have done together and the progress we have made, particularly with the development and implementation of our 7 Step Model. With the convergence of European policy initiatives in education, employment and sport, 2013 is a year of opportunity for EOSE and a year of challenge for the Sector. I hope we can help the Sector succeed and I look forward to continuing my involvement on the EOSE Board as Past President and wish Thierry Zintz continued success as our new President. In parallel, I will be devoting my time to the growth of EOSE Services as a sister company to EOSE as we seek to strengthen and sustain the work of EOSE not only in Europe but on the international stage.”
The EOSE membership unanimously agreed to the election of Thierry Zintz who is going to act as President of EOSE. Thierry has served the Executive Board in the role of Secretary General for 5 years.
Thierry Zintz: “Firstly I would like to pay thanks to Stephen Studd for his 6 years of service in the post, a period in which EOSE has developed greatly under his leadership. The Sport and Active Leisure sector finds itself presented with many challenges but also with an equal measure of opportunities, and as an organisation we will seek to meet them. It is an honour for me to become the president of EOSE, I look forward to representing the already established EOSE membership and further engaging with the wider network of field and academic experts to fulfil the long term potential of the sector at the national and European level.”

Furthermore, it is with great pleasure that EOSE welcomes two elected new Executive Board members, with Elena Malikova from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and Gino Schiavone of the Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta.

The composition of the EOSE Executive Board:

  • President: Thierry Zintz (BE)
  • Secretary General: Gino Schiavone (MT)
  • Treasurer: Jean-Louis Gouju (FR)
  • Board Member: Elena Malikova (SK)
  • Past President: Stephen Studd (UK)
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