CEDEFOP Workshop: The changing role of qualifications in governing the labour market

CEDEFOP Workshop: The changing role of qualifications in governing the labour market

The CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) workshop entitled ‘The Changing Roles Of Qualifications In Governing The Labour Market’ was held in Thessaloniki (GR) on the 27-28 September 2012 where EOSE was represented by Board member and Treasurer Jean Louis Gouju.
Governance and coordination of Education and Training was the underlying theme of the workshop with two working groups tackling the following issues.
Firstly ‘Qualifications and the labour market’ which provided a great opportunity for EOSE to showcase the VSPORT+ project funded by the European Commission and in particular the innovative Lifelong Learning Strategy for the Sport and Active Leisure sector (7 Steps Model).

Mr Gouju identified a commonality between the debates in recognising the core role of qualifications and the difficulty to locate them throughout different governance models. EOSE were also asked to present to the workshop the progress made through the Sport and Active Leisure sector.
“The EOSE presentation focused on the specificity and complexity of the Sport and Active Leisure sector in Europe. Through his presentation, Mr Gouju highlighted how we try to collect relevant data about qualifications in the sector and to help the stakeholders to build some common approaches (maps, competence frameworks, learning outcomes) and quality assurance processes.
With this proposed Lifelong Learning Strategy, we believe that it can reduce diversity, improve the transparency of different qualification systems, the link between the worlds of employment and training, and facilitate access to the labour market. It was encouraging that our approach interested all participants, from quite different sectors. It was considered as a real way of managing this issue.”
The second working group related to “International Qualifications”, where the group talked the issue of qualifications obtained outside the systems of national qualifications framework (non state qualifications). The core issue addressed was how to ensure that these qualifications are recognized by different national systems.

For further information regarding the ‘Changing Roles Of Qualifications In Governing the Labour Market’ workshop, please access the background document.
For further information on the workshop please access the CEDEFOP website.

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