Expert Group Education & Training in sport: Observer Status given to EOSE

Expert Group Education & Training in sport: Observer Status given to EOSE

The European Council’s Resolution on an EU Work Plan for Sport 2011 – 2014 established six Expert Groups, to address the themes of Anti-Doping, Education and Training in Sport, Sport and Health, Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in Sport, Sport and Economics, and Non-Profit Sport Organisations.
The Expert Group “Education and Training in Sport” has two overarching work streams, which are to prepare proposals for European guidelines on dual careers and to initialise a summary on the follow-up to the inclusion of sport related qualifications in National Qualification Frameworks with reference to the European Qualification Framework.

The first meeting took place in January 2012 during which all applications for observer status received by the Sport Unit were discussed and decisions were taken by the Group.

EOSE submitted an application for observer status and we are delighted to confirm that a positive decision was taken by the Expert Group to officially involve EOSE as observer on the issues around qualification frameworks. EOSE will be invited to participate in the Expert Group’s upcoming meetings within the three-year framework of the EU Work Plan for Sport when the subject of qualification frameworks is on the agenda.

Please click here for further information about the EU Expert Groups in the field of Sport.

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