EOSE General Assembly & Members Seminar 2011

EOSE General Assembly & Members Seminar 2011

On the 8 and 9 December 2011 the EOSE Members Seminar and General Assembly 2011 was held in Berlin, Germany. The event involved the EOSE membership and provided a platform to present the current realities and challenges facing the sector in Europe but also to exchange and discuss further developments, priorities, collaborations and activities of EOSE in the field of Education and Training in the Sport and Active Leisure sector.

The focus of the event was the situation surrounding European Sport and Vocational Educational and Training, realities and challenges, current and future European policies and initiatives, the relationship to the work of EOSE and the role of the network member. These issues were addressed through discussions with a EU view but also to encompass the work of network members at a national level.

The EOSE Board and Executive Team would like to thank all the Network Members for their attendance and contributions at the event.

EOSE President Stephen Studd: “The EOSE General Assembly and seminar held in Berlin provided EOSE members an unprecedented opportunity to come together and privately and honestly discuss the future direction of the Association. It was agreed that we have made considerable progress in developing and indeed, pioneering a Sector approach to developing the labour market and vocational education and training at a European level. Our methodology and tools, now enshrined in the 7 Steps Model, were seen to be very relevant to the current political and economic climate in Europe.

The real challenge is to strengthen EOSE so that it can support members to gain greater recognition for their work and make more impact at a national level. 2012 already looks like a busy year and a chance to capitalise our work of the last few years. We look forward to working with the EOSE membership to meet these challenges.”

EOSE Executive Director Aurelien Favre: “It was a great opportunity to meet, present and discuss with our members EU challenges and sector’s realities, project activities, the role and strategy of EOSE, but also to exchange ideas on the relevance of EOSE activities, the relationship between EOSE and our membership, and the development of a strategy for sustaining of our work.”

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